Thursday, November 14, 2013

hello world

Hello world.

I've decided to take to the blogosphere for the umpteenth time in my life.  I have always found comfort in hearing other people's stories, so here I am to share some of mine.

My name is Kayli.  I'm a hot mess of an 18 year old girl trying to figure out what I'm doing in the world.  I'm from Albany, New York, currently living in the Bronx and attending Manhattan College.  New York City has always been one of my grandest dreams and now that I'm finally here I don't know exactly what to do with myself.  Peanut-butter and Jelly is my favorite food (smooth, Skippy peanut-butter, chunks make me vom).  I cry a lot, sometimes because I'm sad, a lot of times because I'm happy, but I just think you should know that about me.  When the Eiffel Tower sparkles for two minutes every hour I have a hard time looking away because I think if magic is real, that is what magic is.  Travel, people, learning, and the French language are my greatest passions in life.  Vienna by Billy Joel is my favorite song of all time.  The Wizard of Oz has been my favorite movie since always, though When Harry Met Sally is a solid second.  I'm currently in a pink-loving phase that I don't think I'll grow out of.  I can spend hours in both downtown Albany and the Metropolitan Museum of Art with no purpose and still turn a corner and be wowed.  I'm a terrible liar and a wonderful secret keeper.  My uniform is, for the most part, leggings, a pair of toms, a v-neck, a backpack, my pink RLP baseball hat (backwards of course), and lots and lots of mascara.  I have a fish named Lucy, a copy of Les Misérables I hope to finish reading before I die, and a lot of dreams.

My hope is that my stories will be successful in making at least one person's day.